• Pair Project with Julia Petrich
  • Project duration: 4 weeks
  • My Role: Wireframing, Hi-fi UI Design
  • Common Role: Brainstorming, User Interviews, Concept Design
  • Tool used: Illustrator, Photoshop

The aggregated all students dashboard functions as the landing page for the app. The submenu under the main tabs allows the coordinator to filter the data by subjects.
When coordinators wants to check on a specific student’s progress, she can use the collapsible sidebar to search the students or scroll and tab on the desired student. 


Coordinators may also export students' progress data by pdf, jpg and link URL form and send e-mails to their parents and tutors.


Coordinators may schedule tutoring sessions for students if needed. They can search to add additional students for group sessions,
and the format will be automatically adjusted to “group tutoring”. They can also add a subject and a specific goal that the student is working on
that should be the focus of the session. 


Coordinators and tutors can add any more direct information about the session or what material should be covered that the provider might need to know.
 The notes on the session shows up in the coordinators' feed. In this feed, they can keep up with sessions as they occur.