DSCVR!T is an on-site tour guide system for short-term travelers
who didn't plan their trip in detail.



All city spaces are giant history museums! Discover DSCVR!T signs on the street and listen to the hidden stories of towns.


DSCVR!T delivers a customized 'souvenir' to each traveler after trip.
The credential - inspired by El Camino de Santiago - contains all stamps, captured music and photo that travelers collected.


DSCVR!T motivates travelers to interact more with their travel space in various ways.
Interacting with the physical objects and local people in cities, users will get novel and authentic travel experiences that they have never had before.


DSCVR!T is the next new business promotion platform for local communities - They can attract more travelers with their unique contents.
Travelers may also can find awesome local restaurants, shops and guest houses that they didn't know.


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