412 BEATS is an interactive, community-centered music platform.

It aims to help local musicians be discovered through sonifying the city through an interactive, serendipitous music experience.
It is also designed to increase awareness of local music education programs. 




PC Web - The Main Platform for Musicians  

The website supports local musicians to promote their songs in their community. 
It helps convert digital music files to the aesthetic physical art installations.




Physical Art Installation - The Main Touchpoint

The aesthetic physical art installations are the conversion from digital audio files. 
Coming up with form, the installation provides maximum accessibility by enabling multi-person interaction. 
Abiding by the appropriate anthropometric standards, it provides adequate space and facilitates the natural handling of cellphones.




Mobile Web - For Enjoying Audio Serendipity

Audience don't have to download an app - simply access the mobile web and scan the music.
Users may keep the local musics and share their finding to their friends who live outside the community. 
Inspired by Memphis pattern design, the overall branding contains the code of serendipitous joy. 




“How might we provide an open place to introduce students’ music

and raise awareness of the Arts Greenhouse program?”



Web wireframes & UX flow detail (Click to see enlarged)